6 UTI Symptoms You May Not Expect

6 UTI Symptoms You May Not Expect

How do I know if I have a UTI? This is the question we sexually-active ladies dread asking ourselves.https://www.dmanna.com/ https://www.dmanna.com/ (UTIs) can put a damper on your life and relationship, so it’s best to look into UTI prevention before dealing with the consequences of a full-blown UTI (read: painful peeing, no sex. For a while). 

Let’s stop this bad boy in its tracks. How do I know if a UTI is sneaking up on me?

1. Pelvic Pain

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk at work, calmly sipping your latte and answering emails, dreaming about that luxurious vacation you’re planning. Then, bam, it hits you: sharp pain in the lower abdominal area. You hold your breath, waiting for it to go away, and it does. Eventually. Over the course of the next few days—or even weeks—you feel it again and again, spinning you into a web of anxiety: Maybe it’s cancer. Maybe it’s an ectopic pregnancy. Or, more likely, it’s the beginning of a urinary tract infection.

2. You Wake Up At Night To Pee

Ok, yeah, it’s a symptom of getting older, sure. And you had that glass of water just before bed…but, man, waking up to pee in the middle of the night is getting old. And then you get to the toilet and you don’t even have to go that much. I mean come on bladder. Guess what? Chances are you’re working on a urinary tract infection.


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3. Frequent Peeing

Everyday for the past 2 days you’re rushing to the bathroom more and more, and your coworkers are beginning to notice. You haven’t changed your drinking habits, so what’s going on? Yep, you guessed it: urinary tract infection.

6 Mild UTI Symptoms You May Not Expect

4. You Have To Pee...But You Can’t

It came on quickly––the sensation that you have to go––and you can only cross your legs and wiggle in your desk chair for so long. You dash out of meetings, abandon emails mid-sentence, waste your lunch break running to the toilet. And then you can’t even go! You spend fifteen minutes on the toilet but never get relief. Let me spell it out for you: U-T-I.


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5. Your Pee Smells

It took some doing, but you finally managed to pee. Something’s funny, though. It smells. Like, really smells. And you don’t remember eating any asparagus. Yeah, you’re getting it now. It’s probably a UTI.

6. It Hurts When You Pee

Ok, last straw. You make it to the can, your body manages to relieve itself, but now it burns like Hades down there. You’re at your wits’ end. You can’t go on like this, but what can you do to make it better?

And these are just the mild symptoms! If you wait much longer, things could go from bad to worse. Think: significant pain in your lower back, serious burning when you pee, blood in your urine. These are signs that your infection may have reached your bladder or even your kidneys and could require some intense treatments. No bueno.


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Let’s face it, nobody relishes a trip to the doctor.

We give ourselves excuses why we can’t go: the symptoms will work themselves out; I’ll just deal with it; trips to the doc are intimidating. And, hey, we feel you. But what if we told you that you could prevent this whole ordeal all together? Skip the symptoms and ditch the trip to the urgent care. Interested? There are preventative measures available to make that dream reality––one of which is Dmanna. The main ingredient in Dmanna is D-mannose, a sugar found in berries, and is proven to prevent 85% of recurrent UTIs. Thanks, science. *virtual high-five*

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