Why choose Dmanna for UTI prevention?



Because it works.

Dmanna is good for you

It’s much easier to prevent a UTI than to cure it once you’re infected. Dmanna prevents over 85% of UTIs by harnessing the power of d-mannose. It is the safest, cheapest, and most effective solution for those looking to prevent future urinary tract infections. Users of Dmanna have been able to discontinue the use of harmful antibiotics, report missing less work due to UTIs, and have improved quality of life.

Dmanna is good for women

Over 80% of UTI sufferers are women—young women, elderly women, and little girls alike. Over 200 million women and girls will suffer from urinary tract infections this year alone. Until now, there has been no hope for women suffering from chronic or frequent UTIs. Dmanna is changing that. Through scientific research, product development, and community education, Dmanna is working to reduce the number of UTIs contracted annually by half. Instead of waiting for the next infection to strike, Dmanna helps women prevent UTIs for life.


In addition to solving the UTI crisis, Dmanna dedicates a percentage of its yearly profits to solving global problems that affect women at scale.

Dmanna is good for the world

UTIs are the most common bacterial infection in the world, with 250 million people people affected each year (that’s more people than the entire country of Russia). It’s also the most common hospital-acquired infection, and becoming more common every day.


Why else?

Because 250 million people
suffer from UTIs every year.

Over 80% of those people are women and girls.


Because antibiotic resistance is a global problem.

Tom Frieden, CDC Director, says “…the end of the road isn’t very far away for antibiotics — that we may be in a situation where we have patients… getting UTIs for which we do not have antibiotics.”

Because UTIs are the most common bacterial infection.

And they account for 25% of all infections in women.

UTIs are

But they’re not being prevented. Dmanna’s
changing that.

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Why Dmanna?

When you have a cold, you go to the grocery store to pick up medicine. Walk up and down the aisles and you’ll see literally hundreds of products to treat your symptoms, hasten your recovery, prevent future colds, and help you get better. We have no shortages of options available to us in our time of discomfort and pain when dealing with a cold. Yet, for the millions of people suffering from a UTI, there are fewer than 3 products available on grocery store shelves. You'll find these products not in the pharmacy section where all the other medicines are located, but next to the tampons, sandwiched somewhere between the adult diapers and the condoms. Search online for UTI prevention products, and you'll find a booming marketplace of cranberry extracts, superfood supplements, and other snakeoil-type products. We think that's unacceptable. So we created Dmanna to change it.


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