5 of the Most Common UTI Symptoms

5 of the Most Common UTI Symptoms
Case Study: Molly The Circus Performer

“I’m at work yesterday and all of a sudden I start getting this pain in the center of my pelvis. My first thought is Must be from falling off Ziggy the elephant while we were practicing our routine. So I go about my day, ignoring it.

“But then later, Larry—you know Larry, he’s always the 6th clown to get out of the VW Bug—he says to me as I’m coming out of the bathroom
You oughta build a house and move in as much time as you spend in there. And then goes off to the big top cackling to himself. Thinks he’s hilarious, that one. And at first I was mad, like, how dare Mr. 11AM-Tequila accuse me of trying to get out of work? And then I started counting…and turned out I’d been to the bathroom 12 times and it was barely five o’clock! Thing is, half the time I can’t hardly pee when I get there, either, just feels like I need to.

“It hurts, too. When I pee, I mean. And hell if it doesn’t smell like the camel pen. So I went to Madam Esmeralda and she takes one look at my tea leaves and says
Honey child you need to go to the doctor. You know it’s serious when even your psychic recommends science over homeopathy.

“So I get to the doctor and describe my symptoms and she tells me I probably have a urinary tract infection.”

Now, most women can’t relate to our case study subject Molly (unless you also work for a circus), but over 50% of women can relate to having a urinary tract infection. Here’s a summary of the most common symptoms that indicate you could have a UTI.

1. Pain In The Lower Abdomen

Especially in the lower center of the pelvis, where your bladder is located. This points to an infection of the bladder and/or urethra (urethritis/cystitis), and it may have even infected your kidneys (pyelonephritis).

2. Frequent Urination

Bacteria like E. coli cause urinary tract infections and irritate the bladder and urethra, causing you to do the potty dance more often than usual and can lead to an inability to fully empty your bladder.

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5 of the Most Common UTI Symptoms


3. You Need To Pee But You Can’t

The reason you have the sensation you need to pee but nothing comes out when you visit the jon is because a bacterial infection can cause your urinary tract to get inflamed and swell, obstructing your urethra and signaling to your bladder that you’re done. And when your bladder can’t fully empty, it creates an environment perfect for growing more bacteria.

4. Pain When You Pee

When the tissue surrounding your urethra swells you may experience painful itching and burning when you urinate.

5. Your Pee Smells

If your pee smells and you didn’t eat any asparagus, you probably have a UTI or another type of infection like vaginitis or yeast infection.1

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“Now doc’s got me on an antibiotic, we’re getting this thing cleared up so I can put my leotard back on and not have to worry about feeling like I’ve got ants in my pants.

“Thing is, I’m a busy lady. I’ve got things to do. You know who doesn’t have time to go to the doctor for antibiotics all the time? This girl. So I go back to Esmeralda and she tells me about Dmanna.

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“I says, Esmeralda, what’s this magic? And she says, Not magic, science. And it checks out, too. D-mannose attaches to the bacteria and helps flush it out of your system. And it’s not harmful to your system like antibiotics can be. D-mannose is all natural.


“I’m telling you, you gotta try this Dmanna stuff if you get urinary tract infections. Science doesn’t lie.”


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