My Vagina Is On Fire: How To Determine If You Have A UTI

"Recurrent UTIs are ruining my life."

"The last few weeks I’ve had so. many. conferences. And you know what that means? Lots and lots of sitting. And lots and lots of mingling.

"You know what’s not conducive to peaceful sitting and happy chatting? A vagina on fire. And I don’t mean all “Kings of Leon Sex on Fire” kind of burning. Oh no, I’m talking pain. Lots of it. Started out as an itch, ants in my pants, a little discomfort when I peed, and now it’s full-on pants-on-fire pain.

"It doesn’t just go away after I pee. It’s terrible on the can, I feel like I’m a urinary flame-thrower. I’m surprised my lady-parts can survive it. But the worst part is the constant stinging even when I’m away from the bathroom. Am I going to have to call the fire department to put this inferno out? Halp!"

My Vagina Is On Fire: How To Determine If You Have A UTI

Understanding The Symptoms of UTI

Lady, that sounds like a full-blown urinary tract infection. Not the words you want to hear, but it’s prob time to say hello to the doc.

Next time, keep an eye on your symptoms before you let them get out of control. If you experience any of these symptoms it might be time to take some UTI prevention measures:  

  • Itching, burning, pain while you pee.
  • You have a constant urge to pee
  • You have to wake up at night to pee
  • You feel like you have to pee but you can’t let it out
  • You’re experiencing pelvic pain
  • Your pee smells
  • There is blood or pus in your urine

Ok, yeah, I’ve experienced these, but eek! I don’t want to talk to a doctor about this. Too embarrassing.

The Facts

You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Did you know that UTIs affect up to 60% of all women at least once in their lifetime? And UTIs account for nearly 25% of all infections in women. Yes, all infections. Mind, blown.

UTIs are most often treated with antibiotics, which is problematic because of growing antibiotic resistance. Even congress is recognizing the need for more research into alternatives to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. In 2016, they designated $160 million of new funds to implement the CDC’s National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

My Vagina Is On Fire: How To Determine If You Have A UTI

UTI Prevention—What To Do To Keep UTIs At Bay

I don’t want to take antibiotics everyday, but I don’t know my alternatives. Is there another way to prevent UTIs?

As a matter of fact there is. A little thing called Dmanna. It’s daily doses of d-mannose, a sugar that’s from berries and other fruit that is proven to prevent 85% of urinary tract infections.

Sounds great! What’s the catch?

Dmanna is a prevention measure, so you’ve got to take it regularly and before your symptoms get out of control. It’s like properly maintaining the electrical wires in your home instead of waiting to call the fire department when the house is on fire.

Dmanna is a must if you’ve experienced recurrent UTIs (3 or more in a year or 2 in 6 months). It’s not an antibiotic––which is great because taking too many antibiotics is harmful to your health. It’s a naturally occurring sugar found in fruit (no carbs though!) that you can take on the reg alongside your daily vitamins, with your morning smoothie, or dumped into your water bottle when you’re out and about.

One tiny little packet full of Dmanna has a pre-measured dose of d-mannose powder that mixes with any drink. It’s just the right dose that’s been shown to prevent UTIs as good or better than daily antibiotics, with none of the harmful side effects of antibiotics.

Dmanna is also a subscription product that comes in the mail every month, so you can take it everyday and never run out. For those of us who hate committing our credit cards to something, it’s nice that you can cancel or skip a month in your subscription anytime.

Ready to get started on your UTI prevention journey? Click here to get started.

Ready to begin your UTI free life with Dmanna?

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