As a Beta Taster for Dmanna, you’ll get rewarded just for being the great customer you already are. Rewards like... 

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Join thousands of women in our exclusive community 💁‍♀️

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First access to new products and flavors to try! 🤩

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Rewards points––like Sephora, you use points for prizes 🎉 🎁

Become a beta taster

What is the Beta Taster program?

Get rewarded for getting educated about healthy living and UTI prevention 🛡

By joining this program, you essentially become a Dmanna VIP. It's like bottle service at a UTI Prevention nightclub. You get early access to new products, new flavors, educational content, and more. Every week there are new challenges you can complete, and each challenge earns you points you can redeem for swag, gift cards, and even Coachella tickets. Earning purple points for completing challenges like "Share a UTI prevention tip" and "Refer a friend" can make you into a Beta Taster superstar 🌟

Not to mention the community––a group of women you can relate to. 
We all hate UTIs, right?

The steps you need to take to join.


Complete the form on this page. This shows us that you're interested in becoming part of our Beta Taster community. Once you've hit submit, we'll reach out with the next step.


Set up your Beta Taster profile.

Completing your Beta Taster profile inside the platform is an important step. This will get you on the path to start earning rewards!


Start earning points.

Make it rain purple points! Earn points by sharing content, referring friends, providing authentic feedback and much more! 

Drink up, rank up!

Share, follow, and try Dmanna. The more you do, the more rewards you get!

Silver Beta Taster Tier


This is the first step onto the podium, and it's only the beginning of your journey.

Gold Beta Taster Tier


Earn points to move up to the second tier and become a Gold Beta Taster member.

Diamond Beta Taster Tier


Grow to our most exclusive tier and you will be shining like a diamond in no time.

A quick Q&A

Do I have to buy Dmanna to become a part of the Beta Taster program?

Nope! There is no purchase required to participate in our Beta Tasters community. Though, if you do suffer from recurrent UTIs we encourage you to purchase Dmanna and read our science-backed prevention resources.

When can I expect to hear back if I got accepted to the program?

We're a busy group, but we'll do our best to get back to you within a week of your form submission.

If I get accepted, what’s next?

You'll get access to your personal rewards dashboard, where you can learn about all the exciting ways you can use your points, as well as access to an exclusive invite-only Facebook community.

What is the meaning of life?

Whoa, we just met. But since you asked, we believe that the meaning of life is sharing the knowledge that you gain in order to provide a better future to those around you. In our case (our being us and you, collectively) it's passing down the knowledge to properly prevent UTIs.

Apply now.